Makeup Revolution on Its 25 New Concealer Shades: “We Believe in Affordable, Accessible Makeup"

We've long turned to Makeup Revolution for its affordable dupe versions of trendy beauty buys (Halloween skull highlighter, we're looking at you). But now the brand is branching out to provide a drugstore staple that can stand up on its own, and not because its the inexpensive version of a pricier product. The drugstore brand has announced that it will launch seven new shades of concealer sticks, bringing its total collection of hues up to 25.

When the brand made this announcement on Instagram, fans could not contain their excitement. As one person wrote, "THIS SHADE RANGE MAKES ME HAPPY." Another echoed a statement that's ubiquitous for many beauty launches, writing "Just Take All My Coins Sis."

In the photo's caption, the brand quoted Adam Minto (AKA Mr. Makeup), one of Makeup Revolution's cofounders. "We believe in affordable, accessible makeup," Minto said. Same here!

These new shades will be available in March. Until then, you can check out the existing $7 concealer shades online at