Marsai Martin Proves Even Celebrity Teens Get Zits in the Most Relatable Way

Getty | Jean Baptiste Lacroix

There's a multitude of reasons to admire Marsai Martin. She cracks us up on Blackish, she became the youngest executive producer ever two years ago at age 13, and the actress always keeps it real on Instagram. While some people older than her would never dream of going makeup-free on social media, let alone calling attention to a skin issue, Martin shows her fans even the less glamorous portions of her life and posted an Instagram story highlighting a zit on her forehead.

In the story, Martin zooms in on her blemish, with the caption "welcome," and then in the next frame proceeds to show it to her fans a second time before making a very relatable and distressed face. Even though Martin is in the public eye, it seems like even she knows that everyone gets pimples and they're nothing to hide.

Check out Martin's funny story, ahead.

Marsai Martin's Instagram Story About Her Acne
Instagram | marsaimartin

Marsai Martin's Instagram Story About Her Acne