Transform Into the Ultimate Mer-Babe With These Stunning Makeup Brushes

In a never-ending search for finishing touches for our mermaid Halloween costumes, we've stumbled upon the perfect multitasking mer-babe accessory: a bag and brush set that will turn you into a modern-day Ariel.

UK-based brand Spectrum Collections is the genius creator behind The Bomb Shell ($98), a collection of 12 brushes tucked inside a gorgeous metallic shell makeup bag that doubles as a purse. The brushes include a flat top contour brush, a lip liner brush, and more, and they're "handbag friendly," meaning the handles are shorter to fit perfectly inside the shell.

The company also makes a similar travel-friendly 12-piece set, the Bomb Shell Set & Oyster Roll ($98), which comes with a clutch-like brush roll (complete with a seashell accent!) in lieu of the purse.

Any beauty-lover knows that the quality of your brush is very important and these tools are just as high quality as they are adorable. The supersoft brushes are made with synthetic hair, as Spectrum is PETA registered and a vegan trademarked cruelty-free brand. We're looking forward to crafting our glamorous mermaid fish scales with these brushes! Keep reading to see all the photos of this gorgeous makeup brush set and more options from the brand.