These Makeup Brushes Will Inspire You to Trade Your Unicorn Horn For a Mermaid Tail

In 2016, beauty junkies couldn't get enough of UnicornLashes's unicorn horn-inspired makeup brushes. The tools, which included rose gold and pearlescent varieties featuring rainbow bristles, delighted the imaginations of beauty lovers everywhere. For 2017, UnicornLashes has introduced another magical beauty tool: mermaid tail brushes.

In a now-deleted post on the company's Instagram account, an illustration revealed plans for an otherworldly set of mermaid tail brushes featuring scales and colorful bristles. According to beauty bloggers who reposted the image, the brushes are still being designed and will come in a shell-shaped case.

The brushes would make a unique addition to any makeup maven's collection, and we can't wait to pounce on this potentially marvelous launch. Stay tuned for updates as they become available.