Milk Makeup's New Foundation Will Airbrush Your Face IRL

We usually rely on Milk Makeup for moments we need glowy, galactic highlighters, but the brand just released a new product that's perfect for everyday use: Blur Liquid Matte Foundation. This is the first full-coverage foundation for Milk, and it sounds pretty freakin' epic. It uses the same "blurring microsphere technology" as the Blur Stick and Blur Spray, meaning this foundation can soften everything from pores to fine lines, keeping your skin smooth with light-as-air coverage all day long. No filters required.

The $40 Blur Liquid Matte Foundation is now available on Milk's website in a stunning, wide array of 16 shades. Read on to see the whole line together, and then find (and buy!) your matching color:

All 16 Stunning Shades