This Wonder Woman Makeup Line Will Turn You Into an Amazonian Princess

I'm currently sitting in a pool of my own tears because I am unable to easily acquire yet another amazing K-beauty collaboration, this time with my favorite superhero: Wonder Woman.

When the MAC Cosmetics Wonder Woman collection came out back in 2011, I was a broke college student, unable to justify spending money on a luxury beauty brand. That's what makes the news of the Missha x Wonder Woman line so heartbreaking . . . it seems my dreams of uniting my passions of makeup and comic book heroes will be impossible to achieve.

That's because this collection wasn't released in the United States. Had I been privy to the knowledge of the Missha line earlier, I might have been able to snag it on eBay or Amazon for a reasonable price. Unfortunately, I missed out, again. The assortment included a plethora of patriotic products including cushion compacts, a huge selection of nail polish, mascaras, two eye shadow palettes, and more. It was a line I would have immediately added to my massive beauty stash, had I only known before it was too late. Luckily, I have the following photos to remember them by.

If you'd like to share in my grief, read on to see the kickass products.