The Most Instagrammable Hair Colors For Fall

We're in the thick of Fall, but perhaps you've still been trying to hold on to the remnants of beachy Summer highlights (regardless of whether they were actually a product of the beach). Or maybe you still haven't settled on the perfect color palette that's worthy of a seasonal change.

Choosing a complementary shade (or several), especially when considering a walk on the darker side, can be a wee bit intimidating. If this gallery is any indication, however, it could also be well worth it. From Pumpkin Spice to Cinnamon Chocolate, click through as expert colorists share some of the rich, lustrous blends they can't get enough of right now. And if you're really in the market for a change, check out some of this season's hottest haircuts to accompany them.

The Color: Caramel Drizzle

Inspiration: Olivia Munn
Description: "Rich, deep brown hues with subtle caramel highlights serve as the perfect frame. A few soft babylights custom-painted around the face is a fresh change that helps richen dark tones and keeps skin glowing through the Fall, all while making laid-back and structured styles appear more striking when you selfie." — Tamara DeFelice, expert colorist at Butterfly Studio Salon
Who it works best for: "This is best for olive skin, as people with this tone tend to look best in earthy hues. Rich browns paired with a subtle highlight help to brighten and counteract cool, green undertones in the skin." — DeFelice

The Color: Pumpkin Spice

Inspiration: Jessica Chastain
Description: "A glossy golden copper is a great way to spice up blonde for the season! Blondes should ask their colorists for a rich transformation to replace the effects of Summer on their blonde hair with a semipermanent copper gloss. Like adding a photo filter for your hair, choosing semi is a fun way to street-test a new hue and up the shine without fully committing to change." — DeFelice
Who it works best for: "This color works best for those who are on the fairer side, with lighter eyes, because it brings out the peachiness in the skin and offers a vibrant contrast to the eyes. As a bonus tip, try using peachy and bronze makeup to really play up your hair color." — DeFelice

The Color: Gold Dipped

Inspiration: Karen Rodriguez
Description: "Think: honey blonde with dark chocolate roots. Foilage, or the perfect combination of foils at the root, and balayage through the ends creates the lived-in, cool-girl color that you're always seeing in your social feeds. The contrast between the dark and light tones keeps this look really modern and dimensional — a plus for photo shoots and selfies alike. And for the best IRL benefit, the darker roots make for super low maintenance all season!" — DeFelice
Who it works best for: "I like this color for warm, golden skin tones. Adding sandy, beige tones in the hair helps to keep the warm tones in the skin balanced. The chocolate brown at the roots also helps to complement the golden hues in eyes that are often paired with this skin tone." — DeFelice

The Color: Cinnamon Chocolate

The Color: Cinnamon Chocolate

Inspiration: Sarah Hyland
Description: "Everyone seems to want to richen up for Fall. I say go for it! Adding warmth to the hair, like shown here on Sarah, really makes the hair look healthy, rich, and shiny. Add a pop of red/warmth to your hair (for those looking to DIY, I like Garnier Nutrisse Very Berry), and you won't be disappointed." — Nikki Lee, celebrity hair colorist
Who it works best for: "This look is going to look the best on those who carry warmth well. Look at your eye color: Do you see brown? Hazel? Any warmth? Then this color is for you! If your eyes are more of a cooler tone, you may want to keep your brown on the more neutral side." — Lee

The Color: Honey Glazed

Inspiration: Hannah Jeter
Description: "Combining milk chocolate with honey accents is a great way to transition your bronde for Fall. Ask your colorist for a demi-permanent color (I like using the Matrix Color Sync Ammonia-Free Demi-Color) at the root, feathered through the midsection, and a sheer golden gloss on your highlights." — George Papanikolas, celebrity hair colorist
Who it works best for: "I find this shade to have a universal appeal but would say it's ideal for neutral and golden tones. The soft, face-framing pieces illuminate the skin and give the hair a soft dimension." — Papanikolas

The Color: Mysterious Night

Inspiration: Natalia Jiménez
Description: "This look is great for those who want a solid, bold color to make a statement. First, use a filler to make hair one solid color. After that, apply the final color that you want to achieve, from root to tip. Doing it in this process will give your hair a beautiful, solid, dark color. Fun fact: before this, Natalia was a blonde. She wanted a solid, bold, rich color that fit her personality, and a soft black made her feel strong and powerful." — Millie Morales, Garnier consulting celebrity stylist
Who it works best for: "I recommend this technique for those who currently have light-blonde or medium-blonde hair and want to go darker. It will be a more seamless process, and the color will be even." — Morales

The Color: Tiger Eye

Inspiration: Chiqui Delgado
Description: "What makes this look great is the combination of tones and colors used to create the 'tiger eye' technique. The final product adds beautiful texture and movements to the hair. To create the look, first divide the hair into four main sections. From there, take smaller sections and begin highlighting hair, starting from the bottom and working your way to the top, but staying two to three inches away from the scalp. Highlight using three different tones: bleach, medium blonde, and a shade similar to your natural color or lighter. Here, I made the pieces of hair that frame Chiqui's face lighter and then applied a blue/green toner to make it look more natural against her skin tone." — Morales
Who it works best for: "This look is best for those who have hazel- or olive-colored eyes, as it will really make them stand out." — Morales

The Color: Mocha Swirl

The Color: Mocha Swirl

Inspiration: Jenna Dewan Tatum
Description: "For a dark chocolate with mocha swirl, I use a dark brown demi-permanent color to return to the color of the root. Then, you want to hand-paint the highlights very delicately, starting at the root and gradually getting thicker and heavier toward the end. Glaze with a mocha shade, which is a perfect balance of warm and cool." — Papanikolas
Who it works best for: "This is a great option for bronze and olive complexions. It's also a great way for those with very dark hair to go lighter without harsh contrast. The finish is modern and sophisticated." — Papanikolas

The Color: Golden Hour

Inspiration: Casey Loza
Description: "Just because it's Fall doesn't mean you necessarily have to go dark. Keep the contrast bold and strong with high-contrast beach hair, lightening the outer layer of your hair at your natural part while keeping the internal layers dark. It will make your highlights pop and also provide a modern finish." — Papanikolas
Who it works best for: "This is a great option for fashion-forward clients who want to make a bold statement with minimal upkeep. It can work with most skin tones but is ideal with a touch of bronzer." — Papanikolas