This Guy Can Turn Your Manicure Into a Motion Masterpiece — And It's Insane!

OK it's official, nail art has broken boundaries we never knew were possible. Your manicure can now be made into a moving masterpiece. Yep, you heard that right, a talented artist has figured out how to create moving nail art, which we like to call motion manicures. Not only does he bring stationary nail art to life, he also adds special effects and lighting to nails. Tony Ly, based in Texas, sculpts manicures into the wings of a ladybird, a life-like clock from Beauty and The Beast, and an array of spinning wheels built into a nail design.

It's hard to know exactly how Tony creates these masterpieces, but it's likely he first makes a base using acrylic, to ensure the real nail bed doesn't get damaged when adding the special effect details. He then moulds the acrylics to the desired shape and then adds jewels, tiny electronics, and springs to bring his creative designs to life. See for yourself his incredible talent for making nail art turn into tiny motion masterpieces in the snaps below. Then book yourself onto the next flight to Texas because, let's be honest, it's worth it to get a live ladybird on your nail!

Dancing Diamond Spring

Ghost Eyes


Spinning Diamonds

Ladybird Wings

Best of the Bunch