The Drugstore Version of the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Is Hiding at Ulta

Every time Urban Decay debuts yet another palette from its "Naked" collection, women lose their minds. The latest is called Naked Heat, and it is a beautiful palette of 12 colors that include rusts, amber-hued neutrals, and orange-y browns as the base colors. Eye looks that feature matte reds and oranges are all the rage, so it isn't a surprise that women are rushing to spend $54 on it.

As a makeup artist, I saw women coming in droves yet again, scooping up the Naked Heat Palette from Urban Decay until it was sold out in every store. And I had a few thoughts: What if there was a way to create this beautiful Naked Heat look without spending $54? What if the women who came rushing into the stores and leaving crestfallen that the palette was sold out or that they couldn't afford it had a different solution? What if that solution was much less expensive?

Wouldn't that be great?

Well, I found something that can work as your backup. I scoured the earth for a Naked Heat Palette dupe, and I found one hidden in the NYX section of my nearby Ulta store. It's called Perfect Filter Rustic Antique ($20). Besides the fact that the palette is dreamy and similar option, I was able to use a coupon at Ulta and bought this amazing palette for a mere $16.

Read on to see swatches of this makeup dupe!

Nicole Moleti

As a professional makeup artist, I have to admit that I had never thought to use an NYX eye shadow palette before, but I was pleasantly surprised. The packaging is a dream, including 10 large shadows in a sleek palette that has all the shadows touching in the pan. Also, the textures and pigments were unbelievable, with zero to no fallout.

Nicole Moleti

To be sure I had a winner, I swatched each shade of the NYX palette on the right, next to the Urban Decay Heat colors on the left. Color for color were almost a perfect match!

Nicole Moleti

The first two shadows match perfectly with the top-row third and fifth shadows in the NYX palette. While there was no exact match for shades "Sauced" and "Low Blow," these are shadows you can find in almost every neutral shadow palette, so you probably already have something similar.

Nicole Moleti

I then created a look using the Urban Decay palette. On my right eye, I used the shade "Chaser" all over as the base color and then used the shade "Ounce" in the inner corner and on the brow bone. The shade "Dirty Talk" was used in the outer corner, and a mixture of shades "En Fuego" and "Ashes" was used in the crease. For liner, I wet my brush and swept "Ashes" across my upper and lower lash line.

On my left eye, I used the NYX palette. The number three shadow on the top was used all over as my base color. The fifth color on the top of the palette was the inner corner and brow bone. The third shadow on the bottom was used in the outer corner. The second color on the top, mixed with the fourth and fifth bottom-row colors, was used in the crease. The bottom fourth and fifth shades were mixed together and used wet on the lash line, top and bottom.

I asked about 20 people to pick the Urban Decay eye, and only two people got it right!

Nicole Moleti

I wore this look all day and into the night . . . and both stayed on and looked the same at the end of the day. There is virtually no way to tell which eye is which!

Nicole Moleti

The only color really missing from the NYX palette is the last shade in the Naked Heat palette: a darker shade called "Ember," which you could probably find in your pile of eye shadow palettes.

If you feel that you really cannot live without that particular shade to create your Naked Heat look, you can buy a single shade from NYX for $5 in shade "Bedroom Eyes" to complete the look.