This $159 Beauty Gadget Made Shaving My Legs Way Easier

Nion Beauty
Nion Beauty

We live in a grab-and-go society. I'm able to hop in a cab, find a date, and book a blowout with just a swipe on my phone screen. Convenience has never been more convenient — except when it comes to shaving my legs. It's my most despised beauty ritual. I always seem to notice that I need to shave when I'm halfway dressed and already 10 minutes late, so I resort to dry shaving. It's a risky move for anyone who's prone to sensitivity, but luckily, I have thick skin (literally, not metaphorically) so I can get away with it. I rarely put a razor to my legs under water. I haven't bought shaving cream since 2012.

This massager feels so good that I had to double check that I was using it on the right (ahem) body part.

Enter the Nion Beauty Opus Body ($159), a rather serious-sounding device that's marketed as a Foreo for your full body. The silicone body brush vibrates, and if used as directed, it clears bacne. While you're supposed to use it in the shower with your favorite wash, I found another use that makes my life so much easier.

When I want to get fuzz the f*ck off of my legs, I just pop this body brush under the faucet to get it wet. Then, I brush it over my legs. I'll admit that the little moving nubs feel so good against my skin that I had to double-check this massager to make sure I was using it on the right (ahem) body part. After I get my legs damp with this brush, I rub some soap over them, and then proceed to shave. It's a mess-free way to shave on the fly and way better on my skin than doing it dry. I've also found that this method works well to rinse underarms, for those days when you don't really feel like showering but need to deep clean your pits.

Sure, for $159, it doesn't come cheap — but your legs are worth it. Though I detest wearing cutoffs to anything that doesn't involve a 2000s Jessica Simpson Halloween costume, I just might mourn the end of short season now that I've got this brush to make it so much better.