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Noah Cyrus's Cowgirls Cry Tattoo

Noah Cyrus and Her Bestie Said "Cowgirls Cry," but Not While Getting Matching Tattoos

In case you ever wondered what a small get-together at Noah Cyrus's house looks like, just check out one of her recent Instagram Stories. The singer shared a series of videos on Sept. 2 showing herself and her best friend, Chyyanna Lee, getting matching tattoos at her home in Los Angeles. "This is what a party at my house looks like," she said in a video. "Sitting in an empty bathtub, getting tattoos in the bathroom."

According to a few more videos she posted, the duo both got tattoos of the phrase "Cowgirls cry" on their upper thigh areas, courtesy of celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy. Cyrus didn't specify what the exact inspiration behind the tattoo was, but considering the besties have previously gotten matching tattoos of cowboy boots with each other's initials sketched inside, we'd say they got it because cowgirls and cowboys are a running theme in their relationship.

Check out Cyrus's new tattoo here.

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