Someone Did a Face Full of Nostril Hair Extensions, Because Why Not?

If you thought the nostril hair extensions look could not get any weirder, aw! That's cute. Since recent beauty trends have taught us that viral looks can always get more strange, we pretty much knew that it was just a matter of time until someone kicked nostril hair up a notch.

This doozy of Halloween makeup comes courtesy of Redditor SilentTreatmentASMR, who let the hairy trend inspire a full-face look. Not only did SilentTreatmentASMR attach fake strands to her nose, she also let the hair hang from her waterline, lips, and neck.

The fact that this look even existed in the first place makes us all question reality, but one thing is for certain: this Redditor is mega-talented. Take a look at how artfully the jet-black extensions are curled into witchy wisps. She's also rocking a royal navy lipstick that we need in our beauty bags, now. And the way the strands match her black-and-white smoky eye look? It's like she took a hairball, but made it fashion.