To Me, Fall Looks Like Olive & June's New Nail-Polish Collection

Aug 21 2020 - 12:05pm

Full disclosure: while I know there are some people out there waiting for cozy sweaters, hot coffee, changing leaves, and all things pumpkin, I am not one of those people. I am a summer girl through and through and could stay in my tank tops and sandals all year long. Fall collections are not usually something that excite me, but Olive & June's [1] newest lineup does. It's so beautiful and elevated, with six new polish colors [2] that are wearable and accessible for everyone but still keep the fall vibes strong.

In addition to those six new colors, Olive & June has also released a limited-edition Nailfie Ready Box [3], so you'll be ready to paint your nails [4] and take a selfie. The neutral box and neutral Poppy tool [5] are so cute and were practically made for sharing on social media. Plus, the color family of the polish is so cool; the unique earth tones make for one of my favorite ombré manicures I've ever created and the only one I've ever actually executed myself. I think it's pretty gorgeous, and you can shop the collection now.

My New Go-To Fall Manicure

I'm obsessed with this new ombré I created using, from left to right, JJ, LD, MG, JO, and HGC.

Olive & June The Nailfie Ready Box

The Olive & June The Nailfie Ready Box [7] ($80) has everything you need for the perfect fall manicure, including the six polish colors, topcoat, a nail file, a buffer, cuticle serum, a nail clip, a clean-up brush, polish remover, and a limited-edition Poppy.

Olive & June The Nailfie Ready Set — Fall 2020

If you just want the polish, you need the Olive & June The Nailfie Ready Set — Fall 2020 [8] ($56).

Olive & June JJ Polish

The Olive & June JJ Polish [9] ($8) is a cool brown that's so sophisticated.

Olive & June WKF Polish

The Olive & June WKF Polish [10] ($8) is a cool medium green that's really fun.

Olive & June HGC Polish

The Olive & June HGC Polish [11] ($8) is a great opaque neutral that always looks pretty.

Olive & June LD Polish

The Olive & June LD Polish [12] ($8) is a sort of raspberry color that might just be my go-to fall pink.

Olive & June MG Polish

The Olive & June MG Polish [13] ($8) is a very earthy tone that's universally flattering.

Olive & June JO Polish

The Olive & June JO Polish [14] ($8) is the fall alternative to a peachy color. It's creamy, warm toned, and super flattering.

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