Paris Hilton Is Launching a Unicorn Mist in 2018 — Because of Course She Is!

Just when you called your mom to say, "Hey ma, I hear the unicorn beauty trend is fi-na-lly dying down in 2018," Paris Hilton went and ruined your plans. The starlet and socialite revealed on a website dubbed and Instagram page @parishiltonunicornmist that next year, we will be blessed with a spray inspired by Paris's own skincare routine.

The Paris Hilton Unicorn Mist features rose water, aloe vera, and althaea officinalis (the marshmallow plant). We imagine it smells sweet, floral, and hopefully fresh as heck. A rainbow iridescent glass houses this magic potion.

"I am so excited to be able to bring such an amazing product to the market," Paris Hilton said in a press release. "I have always had a passion for taking care of my skin and I only use products that actually work without harmful chemicals that are only a temporary fix. With this new company I can stand behind my own products and promote a brand that is focused on making products that truly work and can help everyone look and feel their best."

Unicorn Mist is limited edition and will be available "through a product-specific online storefront offering delivery options to major countries," according to the press release. We don't have an exact date yet, but since it will be available in Australia mid-December, we predict early 2018. Next year is already looking mighty enchanting, princesses.