Pastel Hair: 5 Ways to Choose a Soft Color For Summer

POPSUGAR Photography | Benjamin Stone
POPSUGAR Photography | Benjamin Stone

Since rainbow hair first started trending in the past few years, we've fallen hard for all ways of wearing this style: colorful roots, secret underlights, and, now, pastels.

Just as one could lighten their brunette, blond, or red locks for Summer, it's possible to take a bold rainbow hue and turn it into a soft pastel. It's a subtle variation on the trend — but one that will still result in Instagram-worthy color. While the old DIY lemon juice hack works to add natural highlights, the complexities of achieving a pastel shade tend to require a professional stylist — read on for inspiration you can take to your next appointment.


Don't Go With Just One Color

There's no need to choose just one color — if you want the ultimate pastel hair experience, go for a multicolor dye job. You can either opt for one or two colors in multiple shades or go big with a pastel rainbow. Pro tip: these dyes look especially good in braids, where you can weave together the different colors.


Go With Lavender

We love dark purple hair, and transitioning to a light and bright lavender is a whimsical way to transition color for Spring and Summer.


Select a Pretty Pastel Pink

For pastel inspiration, take a cue from cotton candy and go for a pale shade that complements your natural hair color. This choice works particularly well on blondes, but brunettes can get in one the action with a predye bleach treatment.


Or Do a Bold Blue

Soft yet edgy, pastel blue feels distinctly fashion forward. The color works well on all natural hair colors and ranges in shades, making it one of the most versatile options.


Try a Variation on Green

If the words "Summer" and "green hair" in the same sentence conjure up traumatic images of chlorine-filled pool days, then you haven't yet seen how stunning this color can look in a pastel shade. If you want to keep it light, try an all-over color in a pale green — a dye easily done on blond locks. If you're brunette or looking for something with more depth, try a mermaid-inspired green ombré.