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Foilyage Hair Color Trend Spring 2015

The Foilyage Is Spring's Hot New Hair Trend

Foilyage Hair Color Trend Spring 2015
Image Source: Getty / Han Myung-Gu

Just like the full-contrast ombré effect, foilyage is also easy to care for. Since your base color remains intact at the top, you can go three to four months — or longer — between touch-ups. Foilyage works on every hair length, color, and texture under the sun, but is especially big news for brunettes. When darker hair hues are lifted, they tend to go brassy quickly depending on undertones, but with this technique, the foils allow for a more dramatic shift minus the yellow hints — or split end-inducing effects of sitting under a hair dryer waiting for the balayage to turn.

"To make it simple, ask your stylist to wrap the ends of your balayage in foils, with subtle highlights along your part and top layers that connect to the ombré on the ends," Ikeda advises. "Everyone has their own method for foils and balayage, so it’s just about placement, and focusing the brightness on the ends."

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