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What to Know Before Your First Piercing

7 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before My First Piercing

What to Know Before Your First Piercing
Image Source: Getty / cokada

The first time I got my nose pierced, I developed a small bump under the stud. Not only was this bump uncomfortable, it looked irritated, red, and shiny. I thought it was infected, so I took out my piercing and let it close up. I told this to the professional who I went to a year later as I prepared to get my nose repierced, and he told me that it was probably a keloid.

Different than an infection, a keloid is the inflammation of the area surrounding a piercing in response to agitation. He told me that keloids are common after bumping or touching the piercing too much, and that if it was an infection, I would have physically felt ill, too. Keloids are actually very easy to treat, and there are numerous remedies that help reduce these bumps fairly quickly.

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