The 90-Second Beauty Video That Will Change Your Perceptions of Ads

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You may already be familiar with one 24-year-old journalist's Photoshop experiments that went viral, and now adding to the discussion on image alteration is photographer Elizabeth Moss. As founder and head retoucher of Rare Digital Art, she is giving a glimpse of just how much work goes into "fixing" a photo. In this video, a model undergoes the painstaking process of being Photoshopped. In six hours, her teeth are straightened, the blemishes on her skin are smoothed, and her lips are shaped into a symmetric cupid's bow. The dramatic transformation is captured in a 90-second time lapse, highlighting that the impeccable models we see daily in ads are not so flawless to begin with. The hours of retouching on just one of these photos also kickstarts a larger discussion — how much Photoshop is too much?