Your Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume Now Has Its Own Lip Color

If your undead soul revives itself at the mere mention of Halloween, then Pretty Zombie Cosmetics is the creepy, kooky, and mysterious lipstick line of your dreams — or nightmares! With names like Witches Brew, Transylvania, and Wednesday (as in Addams!), these shades are chic and spooky.

Although the shade names may sound intimidating to those who prefer rainbows over broomsticks ("Purple Poison" doesn't exactly sound like something that's safe to rub on your mouth), these goth hues are surprisingly versatile. So many colors are represented, and they're not all dark. In fact, one of our favorites is a glimmering burgundy called "Dead Roses." Don't let the name deceive you — it's a look that's as alive as any bright peach or coral.

This vegan and cruelty-free cult brand has a strong Instagram following, which probably explains why some of its most popular shades sell out so quickly (pour one out for their unavailable Metallic Lip Paint line!).

While the selections are mostly mattes, there are a few metallic shades, like the spellbinding black "Binx." Pretty Zombie Cosmetics also sells Lip Shimmers, which can be applied over the liquid lipsticks to create a 3D highlight effect. Of course, since this is glitter we're talking about, there's no need to put it exclusively on your pout (especially if you're Bella Thorne). We'd love to test this shimmer out on our eyes, cheekbones, or stick it on to fake freckles.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we have to go plan our Halloween costumes based on these shade names. Right now, we're torn between using royal blue "Seat Witch" to transform ourselves into Ursula, or jumping on the gray lipstick bandwagon to become a literal "Tombstone." Read on for your own costume inspiration.