How This 1 Makeup Artist Uses Liquid Lipstick to Create PSL Eye Shadow Art

Warning: don't scroll through Amanda Davila's Instagram feed if you're hungry (or hangry!). While the makeup artist's work is a wealth of beauty inspiration, it could also be easily mistaken for a food blog.

We challenge you to browse through her archive of eye shadow looks without stopping to order Seamless. The designs are inspired by millennial culinary delights such as pumpkin spice lattes, avocado toast, and french fries, and suddenly we're starving.

We reached out to Amanda, who told POPSUGAR that she creates her looks via a surprising medium. "[I use] a liquid lipstick with a fine detail brush in [my] waterline," she revealed.

According to the artist, applying lip products enables her "draw clearer lines and [get] better color payoff" than you'd see with a traditional shadow option.

Ahead are some of Amanda's most mouthwatering styles. PSL, anyone?