Add a Wink of Color to Your Lashes With Rainbow Extensions

Instagram | lashangeles

Vibrant color is the easiest way to add whimsy to an otherwise boring beauty routine, but there's no need to feel like you have to dye your whole head purple to get in on the rainbow trend. Some of the best iterations have been on the subtle side, including hidden roots, cheekbone highlighter, and even fanciful freckles. That's why rainbow lash extensions are so lustworthy.

Yes, you read that right. Next time you get your lashes filled, ask your specialist about your color options. Because the extensions are made of synthetic fabric, they can easily be produced in shades other than black. We've seen every hue on the spectrum — from red and orange to indigo and violet — and they all look spectacularly stunning.

We dare say that this trend is even an option for those who work in more conservative offices. While the result is festive and flirty, it can also be very subdued depending on how many extensions you get. They're also a great way to celebrate Pride Month. Read on to see for yourself!