Rainbow Roots Is the New Cool Way to Cover Up Your Grays

If you're a One Direction fan, you already know who Lottie Tomlinson is. But believe us, unacquainted beauty addicts: you're about to be obsessed. The 17-year-old Brit is the younger sister of 1Der (and soon-to-be dad) Louis Tomlinson. She's become famous in her own right due to some serious hair and makeup skills — she's actually the assistant to celebrity stylist and makeup guru Lou Teasdale. Lottie has her own YouTube beauty tutorial channel, where she's gained over 100,000 followers in just one month.

Now the teen, Teasdale, and Bleach London salon have all teamed up to create the latest and greatest rainbow hair trend: rainbow roots. Anyone who has gotten their roots touched up will identify with this new look. It appears exactly the same, but instead of correcting highlights or hiding grays, Lottie added vibrant colors in three-inch-wide strips coming out of her center part. The result is dreamy, surprisingly subtle, and could almost trick your friends into thinking you're secretly a unicorn. Read on for a closer look, and stay tuned — we expect Lottie will share the video of this process on her vlog.