Skull Lip Balm Exists, and It Will Speak to Your Dark, Halloween-Loving Soul

Skull bath bombs. Skull makeup brush holders. Skull highlighter. It seems there's a cranium-inspired beauty find out there for everybody! But what about for people who want to bring their love of life's spooky side everywhere, not just display it on their makeup vanity? Well, we've found an everyday product for creepy-chic beauty babes that checks all the boxes: skull-shaped lip balm ($8) from Rebels Refinery.

The indie brand's balm is available in a matte black that'll appeal to your inner goth aesthetic or a bright pink that will stand out in the depths of your handbag, and there are several flavors to choose from: mint, vanilla, and passion fruit. And we're just going to come right out and say it: no, you're not crazy if you buy them all! You can always use more lip balm, right? Check out these spooky-fabulous balms, then stock up in time for Halloween.