I'll Never Use Cotton Pads Again After Trying This Product

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When it comes to eye makeup removal, I'm a cotton pads and micellar water kind of woman. I just can't get on with removing eyeshadow and mascara with oil: for the rest of my face I love it, but around the eyes it's a no from me. That was until I realized how many cotton pads I was getting through a week, and the effect it was probably having on the environment. I knew there must be a more eco-friendly alternative . . . and it turns out, there is.

Reusable makeup remover pads and cloths might just change your beauty regimen for good. (I like the the Magnitone Microfiber Cleansing Cloths ($20).) They're more than just a flannel: they're usually made of a microfiber fabric that magically removes makeup without the need for a cleanser. You simply swipe the damp cloth over your face, gently rubbing away makeup, then throw it in the wash ready for your next use.

Although these reusable cloths advise to just add water, that's sometimes not enough for me. I add micellar water to a small area, press and hold onto my eye makeup then wipe away. Because the Magnitone is bigger than the average cloth, I can use it four to five times before popping in the washing machine. If you prefer smaller pads, Face Halo ($22) can be used once or twice — you don't want to be smearing the days grime back onto your face, but it is double-sided — before throwing into the wash. It comes in a pack of three, so you can get almost a week's worth of uses before needing to get the laundry basket out.

Whether you're a micellar water kind of person, or are still using makeup wipes, let us convince you why reusable cotton pads are the way forward. You won't turn back once you try them. Read on to see our current favorites.

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