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royal jelly

Definition: Royal Jelly

Something about the name "royal jelly" has always turned me off a little, but further investigation into what it actually is rendered me fascinated. Royal Jelly is produced by honey bees to feed larvae intended to become worker bees. But get this: when a queen bee is needed, a "chosen" larva is fed nothing but mass quanities of royal jelly, which makes it turn into a queen and grow ovaries. For humans, the milky substance is packed with B-complex vitamins and is used as a dietary supplement and to treat certain diseases. With a backstory like this, think of what it does for your face!

Japanese company DHC has a Royal Jelly Extract which is meant to stimulate and needs to be refrigerated. Burt's Bees makes a Radiance Eye Cream with Royal Jelly. The Savannah Bee Company makes a (currently sold-out) Royal Jelly Body Butter. If you're as curious as I am about the ingredient's beauty benefits you might want to stock up now: agriculturalists have been warning about a honey bee shortage for a couple years now. Burt's Bees and Häagen-Dazs, for their parts, have pledged money to help save the bees. Presumably to generate some positive buzz. (Sorry.)


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