This Sailor Moon Eye Shadow Palette Is More Swoon-Worthy Than Tuxedo Mask

If you remember which Sailor Moon character you relate to the most (Sailor Mars, here!) or still think Tuxedo Mask is your one true love, brace yourself: Creer Beaute just released an adorable Sailor Moon-inspired eye shadow compact as a part of the Japanese brand's Miracle Romance collection.

The so-called Sailor Moon Prism Compact features four eye shadow colors, one of which can also be used as blush. (We'd love to own the compact as a collector's item!) In addition to the compact, Creer Beaute had previously released various liquid liners, powders, and other nostalgic products all inspired by the iconic manga series.

The compact will be available online sometime in late March 2017. On the Creer Beaute website, the compact is listed for 3,900 yen ($34) and it's also listed on another Japanese beauty site for 4,212 yen, or $36. Scroll ahead for pictures of the charming compact.