Sarah Hyland Cutting Fiancé Wells Adams's Hair For the First Time Couldn't Be Cuter

Apr 7 2020 - 8:35am

Wells Adams, like many people out there right now, was in desperate need of a haircut [1] and unable to get to a barber shop [2] when he turned to his fiancé, Sarah Hyland [3], to give him an at-home trim. The whole thing was documented on Instagram [4] Stories on both Adams and Hyland's accounts [5] as she tackled the task of shaving his head in their bathroom.

"This has gotten too much," Adams said at the start of the Instagram Story [6], gesturing at his hair. He then held up a hair clipper. "How many times have you cut a man's hair, Sarah?" he asked her, as she held up her hands in the shape of a "big fat zero." Prior to this endeavor, she had never even used a trimmer before.

Once they got down to it, a sped-up video showed Hyland's progress as she cut Adams's hair. After she was finished, Adams assessed her handy work and showed it off for the camera. "She did a pretty good job," he said. And we'd have to agree.

See more photos from the Instagram Story of Hyland cutting Adams's hair, ahead.

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