These Temporary Tattoos Aren't Just Gorgeous — They're Also Scented

No longer considered a fleeting relic of the '90s, temporary tattoos are more frequently being used as a noncommittal way to rock body illustrations, if only for a few days. According to the latest trend report from Pinterest, temporary tattoos have continued to pick up steam on the platform. In addition, the interest in scented temporary tattoos has quadrupled since last year.

Much like scratch-and-sniff stickers, scented temporary tattoos are made with a safe and nontoxic ink that is infused with various pleasant scents. In the aforementioned report, Pinterest noted that Tattly is a particularly popular purveyor.

The temporary tattoo brand currently offers 15 different scented variations. There are natural scents like parsley and sage and sweeter ones inspired by candy. The illustrations are designed by Vincent Jeannerot and Julia Rothman.

For pictures of this budding trend, look ahead.