This Is What Selena Gomez Would Look Like If She Were a Celebrity in the '70s

Selena Gomez recently revealed the cinematic music video for her newest single, "Bad Liar." Though the singer had already shared a refreshingly simplistic video for the song upon its release, this newer one feels like a proper music video — as evidenced by the fact that she portrays four different people!

In the quirky video, Selena portrays a high school student, that high school student's parents, and the gym teacher her father is presumably having an affair with. While it's incredible to see the stunning singer rock a mustache and aviator eyeglasses as the father, our favorite look belonged to that of the gym teacher. As the bubbly blond bombshell, Selena wore a Farrah Fawcett-inspired wig with gloriously feathered bangs and all.

Selena's throwback makeover appears to be part of a larger resurgence in '70s trends in both fashion and beauty industries. For example, vintage wire-rimmed glasses — like the pair Selena wears in the video — have made an unexpected comeback. The recent abundance of glittery makeup products also seems to be a nod to the more-is-more makeup mentality of the groovy decade.

Watch the full video in its entirely below — seriously, it's a trip.

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