Selma Blair Shares Lighthearted Video of What a Makeup Tutorial Looks Like With MS

Selma Blair has continued to spread positivity and awareness around multiple sclerosis since she was diagnosed with the chronic disease last year. The actress kept things lighthearted on Sunday when she shared a humorous video of her version of a very quick "makeup tutorial." She captioned the video, "I couldn't make this get onto my IG Story cause . . . I don't know. But here is my solution to applying makeup with a lack of fine motor skills. #laugh and feel free to reapply my makeup. #makeuptutorial #real." She put bronzer on a big fluffy brush and smoothed it all over her face, laughing and smiling. "There. Done," she said into the camera.

Selma talked a little bit about her experience with makeup in her Instagram Story before sharing the video, People reported. "My fine motor skills aren't, like, fine at this moment so I just want to say I'm gonna probably give a makeup tutorial never," she said. "But if I do then you know I'm just really trying to have fun 'cause I notice I put my makeup on in the morning and all day people are rubbing my face — friends — and I say, 'Whatcha doin'?' And they're like, 'Just a little makeup.'"

Fans and celebrities showed their love and support in the comments of the post. Kris Jenner wrote, "What a ROCKSTAR you are . . . I adore you. Sending you tons of love today my girl," and Selma responded, "@krisjenner better send some bronzer😂😂😂😂." Watch the candid video above, and it'll leave a smile on your face.