Quick, Someone Stop Us From Eating This Ultrarealistic Food Soap

As we all learned during our first bath ever, soap is not for eating. But when we look at LoveLeeSoap's food-shaped products, we're not so sure. The Florida-based Etsy retailer makes crazy-realistic cleansers that have completely confused our taste buds, but delighted our hangry hearts.

We never thought that soap would make our mouths water, but if taking a big bite out of a sudsy chicken wing is wrong, we don't want to be right. No matter your palette or dietary restrictions, LoveLeeSoap probably makes something you'd want to eat for dinner (or save for dessert!). While these products are definitely not the safest to ingest, the scented soap contains shea butter that will cleanse and hydrate your skin.

Read on to see our favorites from this fizz-able feast, then immediately take your lunch break, because we guarantee these cleansers will make you hungry.