Urban Decay's "Magic Wand" Glitter Lipstick Topcoat Is the Next Unicorn Tears

The internet's obsession with '90s-inspired products continues to run full speed ahead. Urban Decay just entered the game with a badass new product. The brand has always been known for creating edgy makeup to give you sexy and smoky evening eyes, smudgy eyeliner, and a bold pout. And soon it will welcome a new statement maker into its roster: the Special Effects Liquid Lip Water-Resistant Topcoats.

Urban Decay and its founder, Wende Zomnir, shared Instagram photos teasing the product, from which we learned this lipstick topcoat (think of it as a lip gloss on speed) will transform the shade it covers. Expect a dazzling metallic, iridescent, and sparkly finish. From the photo we can see swatches of mermaid green, blue, white iridescent, fuchsia, and purple.

The gorgeous face of Urban Decay, Ruby Rose, shows how stunning it can be in the campaign. She rocks a purple pout with a glitter blue-tinted finish. We're going to have to call it early: this may be your new unicorn beauty obsession.

Stay tuned on where and when this baby will launch!