Self-Tanning Addicts, Prepare to Freak: Behold, the First-Ever Tanning Sheet Mask

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If you're a self-tanning addict like myself, you will praise the tanning gods for St. Tropez's newest innovation: St.Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Face Sheet Mask ($9). Like its in-shower self-tanning wash, this product works double duty to hydrate and tan your face.

Modeled after the popular Korean sheet mask trend, this one leaves your skin dewy and hydrated, but also adds a tanned glow. You get to control how deep the color is: leave it on five minutes for a light touch of color, 10 minutes for medium, and 15 for deep. One you apply, wash your hands and let it do its thing.

After giving this a try ahead of a wedding, I can attest that the color looks natural and doesn't make your skin appear too tan (read: orange), and the color leans more olive (in true St. Tropez fashion). After you've removed the mask, use the excess serum to blend your hairline, nose, and jaw, and don't forget to wash your hands afterward!

Like most self=tanning products, the color will last depending on your beauty habits. If you exfoliate frequently or use products that are especially emollient, you might see the color fade faster. But the key is to keep your skin hydrated after the application, even though the mask does a good job of doing so for at least 24 hours afterward.

You can pick up the sheet mask exclusively on on May 22.