The Force Is Strong With These Lightsaber Makeup Brushes

If you've already seen Rogue One and can't wait until next year for Star Wars: Episode VIII, Storybook Cosmetics has your intergalactic fix. After delighting Harry Potter fans with the Wand Makeup Brushes, Wizardry and Witchcraft Palette, and the enchanting Quill and Ink Liquid Eyeliner, the indie brand is now turning to the Star Wars fandom.

Storybook Cosmetics posted an illustration of the proposed Lightsaber brushes to Instagram, explaining that the planned collection would include five tools total. The Lightsabers featured in the post include a red Kylo Ren saber-inspired brush, as well as a blue saber-themed tool resembling the weapon used by Anakin, Luke, and most recently, Rey. Hopefully the other three brushes will include Yoda's green saber, Mace Windu's violet saber, and Darth Vader's iconic red saber.

In order for the team at Storybook Cosmetics to be able to create these cosmic tools, they will need to get licensing approval from Disney and Star Wars, which could be a very challenging task (some might say it's like going up against the Sith).

We're answering the social media team's request for good vibes and pray that the Force is with them so we can get our hands on these intergalactic brushes ASAP.