Finally! A Travel Makeup Line That Actually Fits Inside Your Bag

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You know that moment where you realize you left your favorite red lipstick in your other bag (and your day is totally ruined)? Stowaway Cosmetics founders Chelsa Crowley and Julie Fredrickson are on a mission to make that real-girl situation a thing of the past. This unique color cosmetics collection is made up of only miniatures. Pinky-size lipsticks, cigarette-length eyeliners, and blush no bigger than a silver dollar are all included in the Stowaway basics collection. In addition, you'll find BB creams, mascaras, and concealers.

Chelsa compared the line of essentials to having an LBD in your closet. "If there was such a think as a LBD of beauty what would it look like? It's just basics right now, but then we want to go on to do fun trend stuff," she teased. "Everyone's LBD is different, the LBD in my closet is different than yours, and my beauty routine is different than yours."

The average woman has a least three bags in rotation at any time — the work tote, the party clutch, the gym carryall (and so on). For me, each bag is packed with hoarded samples from the latest gift with purchase or buy-one-get-one deal. But when the miniatures run out, you have to move on to the next freebie. There's no room for favorites and rarely an opportunity for repeats. Eventually Stowaway will allow you to have the same small product that you love in every bag (I'll take five blushes, please).

The brand will also expand as the team learns more about the consumer base. "There's an opportunity to make it cocreative. Right now beauty brands launch whatever they think is easy to market," said Julie. "As a smaller company, we can actually listen and respond and be respectful. Makeup is meant to be shared. We want people to share with us what they want next." Julie is already thinking of BB cream color extensions, liquid eyeliner, powder, stemless brushes, and brows for the future. The duo also plans to launch seasonal shade extensions for lips and cheeks to maximize on the latest trends.

In a nutshell, Stowaway is all about makeup that fits into your life, not the other way around. "I've never done my makeup in the boudoir," Julie said. "I'm on the go doing my makeup, and I want my makeup to fit into my life, not in my boudoir."

Editor's note: POPSUGAR founders Brian and Lisa Sugar are seed investors in Stowaway Cosmetics.

8 Places to Stash Your Stowaway

8 Places to Stash Your Stowaway

  1. At your desk for last-minute Tinder dates or unexpected business meetings.
  2. In your suitcase for overnight adventures or weeklong business trips.

Try: Stowaway Cheek & Lip Rouge ($15)

  1. The gym bag to freshen up after an hour of boot camp.
  2. The diaper bag, because concealer is a lifesaver when you only slept for four hours.

Try: Stowaway Radiant Complexion Beauty Balm ($22) and Stowaway Creaseless Concealer ($16)

  1. At your partner's house, preferably somewhere out of sight.
  2. In your favorite party clutch (because this is the one lipstick that will actually fit).

Try: Stowaway Creme Liptick ($14)

  1. In your laptop bag for the workday commute (darn you, snooze button!).
  2. At home to satisfy your penchant for trying trends that really won't last. Plus, you'll fly through these miniatures before they have a chance to expire.

Try: Stowaway Effortless Eyeliner ($10) and Stowaway Mascara ($12)