Strawberry Nail Art Is the Most Delicious New Trend of the Summer

The fruit that you throw into your morning smoothies and snack during the hottest days of Summer has transformed into a delicious new nail trend. Strawberry nail art — the manicure that paints the fruit across your nail beds — is sweeping Instagram. Some have decided to add a strawberry into their nail look as an accent, while others have completely emblazoned their nails with a repeating pattern of it. People have even made it look like the strawberry has been dipped in cream or drizzled with decadent milk chocolate! Check out the most creative and delightful strawberry nail looks on the internet.

Strawberry Nail Art

Express your love for the Summer treat by painting it onto each of your nailbeds.

This strawberries-and-cream nail art look is as delightful as the dessert.

Add the fruit as an accent to your minimalist manicure.

Match your strawberry nails to your favorite fruit-patterned outfit.

A red strawberry pattern makes a pink manicure even more fun.

If you don't want to adorn all of your pink-painted fingertips with strawberries, try painting them on two accent nails.

You can also use vibrant pinks and fuchsias for the strawberry nail look.

Drizzle your strawberry nails in chocolate, like this look.

The Strawberries-and-cream look works on mismatched nails, too.

Mix your strawberry nail art with illustrations of other tasty fruits.

The red fruit is perfect for negative-space manicures, too.