Taco Bell Makeup Exists, and It's Better Than Getting Extra Cheese

If you're the type of person who goes to Taco Bell with a full glitter eye, then today's most delicious trend will speak to your soul — or 2 a.m. stomach. After the chain asked for makeup looks inspired by its logo and/or menu, beauty junkies did not disappoint in what they delivered.

It doesn't hurt that Taco Bell is practically synonymous with its soft purple lettering. Something about how the franchise's eponymous chime seems to be swaying in its logo just begs for a wing tip. But Taco Bell Makeup is a trend that's anything but mild — these looks are full Fire Sauce.

People are taking their inspiration from everything: Baja Blasts, Crunchwrap Supremes, even Taco Wrappers. One (hero) woman even just painted her whole dang eyelid to look like a stuffed tortilla. These makeup artists were all thinking inside the bun, and we could not be more satisfied (or hungry).