Taylor Swift's Music Video Makeup Is Proof That Her Old Self Is Long Gone

At the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift premiered the highly anticipated music video for her new single, "Look What You Made Me Do." In the song, the 27-year-old singer laments the loss of her former self as she takes on a dark new persona. Taylor's beauty looks throughout the video made that message loud and clear.

In lieu of her signature beauty look, Taylor experimented with some pretty daring trends. She ditched her laid-back shag haircut for glamorous waves, a high ponytail, and several extreme stick-straight looks. For her makeup, Taylor went truly over-the-top, trading her retro cat eye for smoldering after-dark eyes. Though she still wore plenty of red lipstick in the video, she replaced her usual classic matte for a sexy gloss with a latex-like finish. To match, Taylor wore supersharp stiletto nails.

At the peak of the song, Taylor dramatically answers the phone and says that she, Taylor, can't come to the phone right now because "she's dead." Every detail of the song's corresponding video is proof of that, especially her hair and makeup. Ahead, analyze every little detail with close-up shots from the video.