Does Taylor Swift's Red Hair in "Babe" Have a Hidden Meaning?

What do you get when you put Taylor Swift in a Mad Men-inspired music video? Taylor Swift with red hair. That's right, the singer ditched her signature blond ends for an auburn wig in her new "Babe" music video, and she totally pulled it off.

Naturally, fans are freaking out at her switched-up look and many think that, in true Swift fashion, there might be a deeper meaning to the retro hairstyle. See, it turns out "Babe" was originally written for her fourth studio album, Red, but it didn't make the cut. Fans are certain that Swift's crimson wig is a nod to that era.

"What if Taylor has red hair because this song was originally meant to be on the 'Red' album?" one eager fan questioned. "Taylor having red hair is one more link between the reputation and red era! And she looks sooo gorgeous omg!" another exclaimed.

Will there be more sneaky beauty references to Red? We'll all have to wait and see when the full music video drops on June 9. In the meantime, see what theories Swifties are cookin' up ahead.