This Teen’s “Body Hair-Positivity” Photos Unleashed a Massive Brawl About Armpits

No matter how many times we try to disrupt the jarring double standards for men and woman, people are still inexplicably disgusted by the sight and idea of body hair on women. And now, we're here again, riled up over the fact that the internet simply cannot handle a woman with armpit hair. Meet Lalonie, a 17-year-old art student, who after flaunting her body hair in a set of now-viral photos, set Twitter on fire (and unfortunately not because her makeup is so damn stunning).

"Body hair positivity post bc I'd never let misogynistic opinions dictate what I do with my body," she wrote alongside the photos, seen above. Instantly, thousands of people replied to Lalonie, some slamming her as "disgusting" and "dirty," and others praising her for embracing her natural body hair so confidently.

All opinions aside, there is one very obvious similarity between all of the comments: people have very strong feelings, both positive and negative, about body hair on women. All she did was post photos of her natural body hair — something men can do freely without judgment — yet Lalonie received negative backlash for hers. The misogyny is real, and it's hairy.

If her empowering message wasn't enough, can we just appreciate the fact that her armpit hair has been dyed pink and the hair on her stomach is sprinkled with glitter?! Technicolor armpits are in, guys.

Keep reading to see how the drama surrounding Lalonie's photos unraveled on Twitter.

Lalonie's Original Tweet

The Hateful Twitter Backlash

Lalonie's Response