This Teen's Video of a Painful Beauty Treatment Is Hilariously Relatable

For everyone that's asking where I got the face mask its Diy face mask charcoal glue black suction from ally express

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As beauty junkies, we've tried all sorts of crazy products and treatments just to see if the results are worth it. Along the way, we've learned that sometimes, beauty is pain. Waxing, plucking eyebrows, and even getting our hair braided can be excruciatingly painful, but we do the treatments anyway to get the looks we love.

Although we know it's important to do a test patch of new products on our arms before putting it on our faces, sometimes we get impatient. That means we can totally relate to 17-year-old Cachet from Glen Burnie, MD, and her reaction to her new skin care product. When it was time to peel the black mask off of her face, she experienced a lot of pain. She shared the video on Twitter and has since been retweeted and favorited thousands of times. People love watching her exclamations of "Oh, my face is soft, though" alternating with expletives.

If you're brave enough to try this mask, Cachet has been kind enough to reveal that the product is Pilaten blackhead remover ($8). Although Cachet's skin does look flawless, those who are super sensitive (or wary of potential pain) might want to sit this one out. Watch the video below, and prepare to double over in laughter.


— Cachet (@Cachet___) September 6, 2016