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4 Gen Z TikTok Stars Taking Over the Beauty Industry

The TikTok Stars Taking Over the Beauty Space Wouldn't Call Themselves "Influencers"

Out of all of the categories on TikTok, and there are a lot, the beauty space is possibly the most fruitful — not to mention lucrative. You have micro- and megainfluencers living harmoniously together, sharing inexpensive product dupes, rating new beauty drops, and taking part in whatever makeup challenge is trending at the time. But despite all of that, the rising celebrities breaking into the beauty industry probably wouldn't call themselves "beauty influencers."

The concept of the next biggest stars in the beauty industry coming from somewhere other than Hollywood and the big screen isn't new. We've seen it happen with YouTube, and Vine, and Instagram, and now TikTok. It's all about accessibility — TikTok influencers are just regular people, except with thousands of followers (or 82.4 million, if you're Charli D'Amelio).

The proof of the TikTok/beauty market crossover is in the pudding — or rather, the real-life partnerships and collaborations that have started rolling out. Just this year, four TikTok stars — who aren't necessarily in the beauty space as much as they enjoy beauty — announced major beauty-industry ventures. And we're not just talking about a sponsored post or beauty tutorial — we're referring to long-term alliances.

Just see for yourself, as we rounded up the TikTok stars turned beauty influencers ahead.

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