Don't Cry, Too Faced Is Releasing Even More Unicorn Tears Lip Products

Lest you think Too Faced is catering exclusively to Team Unicorn, the brand just announced that it will release a Mythical Effects Lipstick named after a wide range of fantastical inspiration. Yup, the iridescent Unicorn Tears lipstick you know, love, and hoard is getting some friends. This news comes straight from brand founder Jerrod Blandino's Instagram "sneaky peek."

If you don't identify with the four-hooved, one-horned flying horse, come Spring 2018, you will be able to wear Angel, Fairy, and yes, Mermaid Tears on your lips. This tease doesn't show the actual color, swatches, or product, but it does reveal the packaging, which is everything our magic-loving hearts could ever want.

The brand new Unicorn Tears formula is decorated with (what else) rainbows. Angel Tears gets an all-white, haloed box, Fairy lives in a holographic orange one, and Mermaid comes in packaging that is adorned with sea-green scales.

If we had to guess, we'd wager that this lipstick will come in bullet form, but will be just as smooth and pigmented as you'd expect from Too Faced's existing lip products. The packaging refers to the lippie as being a "cream," which makes it sound indulgent, luxurious, and easy to glide on your pout.

Right now, that's all the information we can give you on this collection, because (unlike whoever eventually wears this fabulous lipstick), we are mere mortals. We'll keep you posted on more news, images, and an exact release date for Mystical Effects Lipstick. Until then, don't cry — you can just shop the new Unicorn Tears Melted Latex High Shine Lipstick ($21).