Aydian Dowling Is the Hunky Trans Model You Need to Know About

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The front runner for Men's Health's Ultimate Guy Search is Aydian Dowling. The hunky Long Island, NY, native is bound to win — not only does he have three times as many votes as the second-place candidate, but he also has an amazing body and an inspiring philosophy toward life and health. But what truly sets him apart is the fact that he is a transgender male.

Aydian became a viral name not too long ago for re-creating Adam Levine's naked photo shoot, but there's so much more to this man that you need to know. He bravely documented his entire transition from female to male on his YouTube channel. In his first video, he came out to his viewers and talked about growing his eyebrows out from a more feminine shape. He shared his very first testosterone injection, his recovery from breast removal surgery, and even the evolution of his beard.

Aydian launched a clothing company in 2011 called Point 5cc, a line of products that allows transgender individuals and allies to show their pride and recognize each other without outing themselves. While this was initially a temporary project to help fund his top surgery, he kept it running afterward to give back to the trans community. Through his brand and participation in projects like It Gets Better, he has proven himself to be a powerful activist and role model to the community.

The more videos of his that you watch, the more you become charmed by Aydian's sense of humor (even in the face of adversity!) — not to mention his sparkling blue eyes and hot bod. While he's happily married, that doesn't mean we can't ogle his amazing muscles. Keep reading to see a moving video collage of his transition over the years, then check out some shamelessly sexy snaps from his Instagram.

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From Pre T to 4 Years on T YouTube Video Collage