The Moving Reason Ukrainian Women Are Wearing These Traditional Flower Crowns

Flower crowns have become a staple of bohemian festival beauty, but in Ukraine, they're so much more than that. The traditional hair accessory (known as vinok) was originally seen as a marker of purity when worn by young women, but since the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, the vinok has taken on a new meaning. According to Vogue, vinok are being worn by the country's citizens more frequently than ever as a means of paying homage to Ukraine's traditions.

Thanks to the artists behind Treti Pivni, we are getting a glimpse at the beautiful headdresses via a showstopping portrait series. The images feature women and children sporting the blooming accessories in an elegant show of patriotism and national pride. Read on to see the stunning photos of Ukrainian vinok, then see more incredible styles on Instagram and Facebook.