Women Are Braiding Their Hair Like Unicorn Horns and It Is Truly Magical

Some women with rainbow hair like to call themselves members of the "unicorn tribe" due to the dreamy, fantastical quality of their strands. But honestly, can you really call yourself a unicorn if you don't have the defining characteristic of the mythical creature? We're talking about the horn, people.

In today's wacky and wonderful beauty news, people are taking their fairy-tale flair to the next level by finally embracing the unicorn horn via majestic, statuesque braids. You can use your own lengthy mane or extensions to weave it, so long as a conical, spearlike style looks like it's growing out of your forehead.

We're proud to say that POPSUGAR Beauty was rocking this look before it was cool, thanks to plait goddess Sarah Potempa. Though we shared this technique for Halloween, we say there's no reason not to be fabulous all year round. Read on to see a few examples of the style, then learn how to craft your very own unicorn horn braid here.