Unicorn-Inspired Brushes Are the New Dreamy Trend in Beauty Tools

From horn braids to highlighters, unicorns have been inspiring an impressive number of beauty trends as of late. But now, their influence has appeared in an unexpected (but highly welcome!) place: beauty tools.

Over the coming months, Unicorn Lashes (a UK-based beauty brand) and Tarte Cosmetics will be welcoming unicorn-horn-themed brushes into their collections. While all will have twisting, cone-shaped handles that evoke the mystical creature's outgrowth, that is where the similarities end. Unicorn Lashes' assortment features iridescent handles and pastel-rainbow-hued bristles on each brush. Tarte's products seem to have clear ends, while each brush boasts a differently colored head.

You can sign up to preorder Unicorn Lashes' brushes now, which are set to launch in October. Tarte's tools will be available in early 2017, but if you can't wait for either set, Reddit users are claiming that they've spotted very similar-looking products from Claire's Accessories. They can't be found online, but if you're desperate for mythical makeup brushes, it's worth visiting your local store.