Despite Backlash, Vanessa Hudgens Wears a Dreamcatcher as a Hair Accessory

Vanessa Hudgens is facing criticism after recently sharing an Instagram photo, shown above, of her wearing a dreamcatcher entangled in her long locks. Her hairstylist, Riawna Capri, also shared images of Vanessa wearing the Purple Beetle hair accessory.

Vanessa has previously shared images of her wearing dreamcatchers and other recognizably Native American-inspired accessories. Each time, however, she's received comments accusing her of wrongfully appropriating Native American culture. On the recent photo, one person commented, "I'm sorry but no I think this is CA [cultural appropriation] and I lost all respect for you when you wore a headdress at Coachella."

Interestingly, Vanessa's father was of Irish and Native American descent — a fact that many of those coming to her defense have been citing. "She is part Native American; she is honoring her own culture," a fan remarked. Does the star's partial Native American background grant her the public approval to continue wearing traditional Native American garb?