6 Real-Girl Tips to Keep Freshly Waxed Skin in Check

Summer is just about here, which means that hair-removal treatments are becoming a high priority. We partnered with European Wax Center to share all the tricks you should memorize before your next wax.

While it's true that most of the hard work is behind you post-wax, it's still important that you care for your skin following each session, particularly if you want to extend the life of your treatment. Most people know the basic dos and don'ts when it comes to waxing (exfoliate before treatments, for example), but there are just as many essential tricks to follow post-wax.

So whether you're new to the hair-removal process or a seasoned vet just looking for a few wise suggestions that will help keep your skin looking fabulous in between routine defuzzing, we have six tips that your skin will appreciate.

1. Keep skin clean

Your pores are open immediately following a wax, so it's important that you keep the area clean and moisturized to prevent redness and inflammation. Toss a bottle of pure aloe vera gel in your bag before you go, or keep one stashed in your car and apply liberally after you leave.

2. Keep a cold pack handy

If you experience immediate inflammation, try applying a cold pack to the area.

3. Avoid exfoliating

Avoid exfoliating or scrubbing the waxed area for at least 72 hours.

4. Block the sun

You should always be wearing sunblock to protect your skin, but it's also true after a wax. Slather on the SPF and cover up with a hat and soft leggings to avoid sun exposure.

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5. Nix ingrown hairs

To prevent nagging ingrown hairs, treat the waxed area with an alcohol-free cleanser, like European Wax Center's Ingrown Hair Serum ($25) that both chemically exfoliates and moisturizes. Also avoid wearing tight clothes that will rub the skin.

6. Get comfy

Bikini waxers: wear breathable and comfortable panties in the few days following your wax. Tight underwear lines can cause irritation, and friction tends to create more ingrown hairs. Fabrics like cotton are perfect for the job. 

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With these tips for keeping your skin looking fresh, you are well on your way to being a summer goddess. It's time you make it official and enter the Summer Goddess Model Search!

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