Our Definitive Guide of the Weirdest, Most Confusing, and F*cked-Up Beauty Trends of 2017

The sun is setting on 2017, and as we go on, we'll remember all the times we had together thinking, "Holy sh*t, what has the world come to?" Of course, feelings of confusion, frustration, and a little bit of fear applied to most headlines associated with this year, but beauty girls especially went through a lot. From squiggle brows to nostril hair extensions, we've basically had our mouths hanging open in disbelief for all 12 months. Join us on a trip down memory lane, and take a look at the weirdest damn trends of 2017, why don't you?

Squiggle Brows

Perhaps tied with nostril hair extensions as the number one most talked-about beauty trend of the year, these rippling arches squiggled their way into our hearts back in August. There is something very Seussical about this lewk, which divided the nation into Instagram-trend-lovers and haters.

Blood Squiggle Brows

Come Halloween, influencers went and took squiggle brows into next-level-weird territory, but we were still into it — even though it's cringe-worthy.

Nostril Hair Extensions

The look that launched a thousand "I can't even!"s was no doubt nostril hair extensions. When POPSUGAR asked trendsetter GretChet Chen why she decided to wear nostril hair extensions, she simply said, "I just feel it's boring to have hair extensions on a normal place." Deal with it.

Wavy Lips

Squiggle brows grew legs, squiggled south, and became wavy lips! This look was sometimes the product of Facetuning (as in the image above) or made with extra lip liner. Either way, it sure shimmied.

Negative-Space Brows

For true minimalists or squiggle brow-haters, negative-space brows pretty much erased beauty's most controversial feature. It made people look like ghosts — but friendly ghosts, like Casper.

Braided Brows

Perhaps taking inspiration from pretzel twists, (possibly hangry) beauty enthusiasts jumped on the braided brow trend. Whether the look was drawn on, Photoshopped, or crafted via tiny, plaited wig hair strands, the twisted look was truly hypnotizing.

McDonald's Brows

Here's where sh*t gets sort of meta: in response to the barrage of crazy beauty trends, influencer Huda Kattan created McDonald's brows as a parody look. But then, like all other trends, it just took off because people were lovin' it so much.

Spiky Brow

For the girl who's tough on the outside, but soft and fluffy on the inside, there are spiky brows. The popularity of this look no doubt happened because it coincided with Halloween and included an orange-bronze eye shadow look, which led it to be called "Pumpkin & Spikes."

Lightning Bolt Brows

Wonder Woman would approve of this superhero-esque lightning bolt brow, which makes uneven arches look totally chic.

Nike Brows

Feast your eyes on Nike brows. Seriously, just do it.

Glitter Tongue

In the alternate reality that is 2017, you can put glitter anywhere (more on that topic to come). Exhibit A? glitter tongue, which allows wearers to literally sparkle from within.

Ponytail Brows

Haters will say it's Photoshop. And that's because ponytail brows actually are! But whatever, they're fun.

Hairy Selfie Nails

Hey, when you look good, you should flaunt it, and that's exactly what visual illusion artist Dain Yoon did with her hairy selfie nails. Girlfriend upped the creepy factor by putting extremely realistic selfies on her nail, complete with long hair. Watch the video above and try not to shudder.

Feathered Brows

What began as a joke by makeup artist Stella Sironen quickly became the feathered brow trend, and we're not mad about it. Seriously, that masterful, quill-esque arch belongs in a museum of renaissance art.

Barbed Wire Brows

Finally, a realistic "I woke up like this" trend — barbed wire brows actually resemble our brows when we roll out of bed 20 minutes after our alarm first went off.

Bloody Liner

Eek! This truly terrifying trend swept the 'gram just in time for Halloween/our nightmares.

Booty Glitter

This Summer, women started putting sparkles on their derrières, like you do.

Double Lashes

As one comment on the Instagram post detailing double lashes put it, "Four lashes instead of two makes it easier not to see the haters."

Santa Hat Brows

It's getting festive up in here with Santa hat brows, a look Buddy the Elf would approve of.

Tampon Nail Art

The world was not prepared for this extremely realistic tampon nail art, but nevertheless, we got it.

What a ride — 2017, we out!